Whirlpool Bath Information




All baths are water tested and checked prior to dispatch and should be inspected upon delivery for any obvious transit damage. No refitting costs can be accepted after installation should the bath need to be replaced.

1. Each system is supplied with an independent pump supplied with adjustable

Feet or stand, which will have to be set so that the pump unions align with the

Corresponding ports of the pump allowing the unions to be connected without

Undue strain on the pipe work.

Should you raise or lower the bath legs then you will have to adjust the pump feet

So that the pump connections align with the pipe work unions.

(For complete bath packages pump is already fitted to bath with adjustable

stand which does not require adjustment)

2. The tape covering the unions is to prevent the ingress of debris and to retain the

‘O-ring seals during transit, care needs to be taken when removing tape so as to

Retain the seals in their location.

3. Once the tape has been removed and ‘O’ rings checked then offer up pump to the

Unions and if alignment is correct then hand tighten the union nuts, the pipe work

Should bear no weight of the pump.

4. The pump is operated from a rim mounted pneumatic control, which is connected

Via a small bore clear pipe to the terminal box on top of the pump. This pipe is

Disconnected for transit and is coiled around pipe work this can be uncoiled and

Should be sufficient to allow connection to pump terminal box prior to pump

Connection for ease of installation. The pump air switch connection is identified

as a retaining nut with a central spigot for the pipe to push over as interference fit.

The Larger clear pipe connected to the suction elbow and coiled under rim

of Bath is the SafeFlo vent pipe and must not be altered.

5. Service Access: a removable panel or similar must be provided to allow

Access to all components, large enough to allow removal of any electrical



1 Caution: All electrical connections must be made by a qualified or approved

Electrician in strict compliance with current I.E.E. regulations, appropriate

Personal will be conversant with the regulations.

2. The maximum load is marked on the pump motor plate and requires a ring main

Nominally maximum 13 Amp fused spur as an electrical supply.

3. The Pump can only be connected permanently to the electrical supply.

Connection with a 13 Amp plug is not permitted for whirlpool and Spa Pumps.

4.The electric supply must be fitted with a circuit breaker, which separates the pump

On all poles from the supply with a separation distance of at least 3mm. The circuit

Breaker can be either: an automatic cut out, a switch, an isolator or a ground fault


5. It is recommended to supply the pump only by means of a ground fault indicator

With a release currant of 30 mA.


1. Fill the bath to at least 1" above the highest jet.

2. To operate the whirlpool, press the rim mounted pneumatic on/off button. To stop,

Press again.

3. Each jet is flow adjustable by rotating jet head clock wise full flow anti clock wise

For reduced flow.

4. Jets can be removed for cleaning or style substitution by depressing centre eyeball

And pulling outer ring.


1. Consult your doctor prior to use if suffering from heart, circulatory or kidney/liver

Disorders, or if pregnant - use of your whirlpool may be highly beneficial. If in

Doubts consult a doctor.

2. Do not use extreme temperatures for long periods of time.

3. Do not drink large amounts of alcohol before or whilst using your whirlpool bath.


1. Follow the bath manufacturers instructions for bath care but as a guide do not use

Abrasive cleaners on surfaces.

2. Whirlpool fittings should be cleaned with warm soapy water and dried with soft

Non abrasive cloth or paper towel.

3. Once a Week (or after use) fill bath to overflow with warm water, switch on and

Add one sanitizer Tablet (Chlorine based available from www.spasplash.co.uk )

Allow to run for several minuets

Care should be taken not to allow to dissolve directly on or near platted

surface and should always be added with whirlpool running so as do speed up

Dilution, observing instructions on container.

4. Every 6-8 weeks apply whirlpool cleaner www.spasplash.co.uk

WARRANTY (systems fitted by Spa splash Products Ltd)

Your whirlpool system has been manufactured to the highest standards and should give many years of trouble free use and enjoyment. We are pleased therefore to offer a One year warranty on the complete whirlpool system and10 years on the rigid PVC pipe work

This warranty does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

Service & Technical Enquiries:

Spa Splash Products Ltd Tel: 01420 538753

Unit 3a Ham Barn Business Park e-mail: info@spasplash.co.uk

Farnham Road www.spasplash.co.uk


Hampshire GU33 6LG


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