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About Spa Splash

Spa Splash offers you 35 years experience in the manufacture of Whirlpool Hydrotherapy baths.
Founder Alan Gape started to create bespoke whirlpool baths in the early 80's.Alan quickly realised the large jets available at that time were too large and inefficient for effective hydrotherapy. Drawing on his engineering background Alan, produced and patented the first Micro jet in 1989.
In conjunction with the chartered society of Physio Therapists using the science behind the ultimate massage these smaller micro jets created the opportunity to provide you with targeted trigger point hydro massage. 

How Can We Help

A Hot tub or a Spa bath can be the best way to bring a little luxury to your home. At Spa Splash, we offer a wide range of products as well as custom solutions to make your luxury dream come true.
Do you have a unique space? Spa Splash can work with your designer or architect to make something tailored for your needs. Come to us for bespoke hydrotherapy bathtub solutions, We will ensure you are not left disappointed.
Give us a call today to find out more or call for an appointment to come and see us to discuss your requirements further.


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